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Alrighty, I thought I'd let everyone know how things are going at the moment.
Important to note: Smiler will be free-to-read on the website, all the time, forever. If you want to support it by buying books/merch or donating money, that's absolutely gravy. I'll probably sell very short side-stories as Books and Patreon exclusives, but the main comic will always be available to everyone.

1: The first big arc of Smiler has been scripted, and I've started producing pages. I won't know how many pages to a chapter until the storyboards are finished, but when I have a number I'll be able to begin plans on having books printed (atm I'm averaging between 5 and 10 script pages per chapter, depending on the amount of dialogue).

2: The prologue pages of Smiler are finished. There's five of them, and when I feel like I'm in a position to be able to update consistently every Friday, they'll be posted all at once as a celebration/announcement/big honking "thank you" for being so patient.

3: Sadly, Smiler is not allowed to be my top priority at the moment, as I still have a Bachelor's degree to complete. The good news is I only have three semesters left, as I graduate at the end of next year. The better news is that if I plan my classes well (and aren't too busy with the job I absolutely must get because holy shit I'm broke), I can work on Smiler in between assignments.

4: Speaking of assignments, I only have one week left of this semester before I have a two-month holiday, which I'll be using to get some storyboarding done and hopefully find a job.

Lastly, I want you guys to know how much it means to me that you're still interested in Smiler, despite how turbulent it's been since 2008. It took changing into a Bachelor of Animation to realise how much I love visual storytelling, and to really embrace this as the dream I want to follow. Thank you so much for being a part of it and bearing with me while I find my feet. :) I love all of you.

The staple-remover stays.
I'm a little concerned about how long-term fans of Smiler (I'm talking about you, KKgirls) will feel about the rewrite. Because, I mean, the first few playthroughs were pretty lighthearted and silly, and this one is... less so. Don't get me wrong, there'll still be plenty of shenanigans, but it'll be interspersed with an awful lot of awfulness. I take a lot of my writing inspiration from Joss Whedon.
So, just as a quick heads up... I'm not a nice author. When I love something, I get the urge to destroy it in different, creative ways.

And I love all of my characters.
A little while ago, I decided to drop all pretence and write/draw Smiler like a Netflix original: unrated and graphic in its depictions. I was still faced with the question of whether to omit certain important character conversations/interactions on the grounds of "they happen during sex and I'm not sure if I want it to get explicit."

More recently I've made some very big strides to do with my own sexuality, including some personal prejudices regarding the expression of sex and how I communicate about it.
Because if this, I've put together this disclaimer:

♦ Smiler WILL be rated NC17+ on the grounds of explicit sexual content. It will only appear when I deem it necessary, not as a means of sensationalising or producing pornography.
♦ Erections and/or insertion may occasionally be visible (the script is still in progress).
♦ The sexually graphic scenarios and the violently graphic scenarios WILL NOT OVERLAP. I am not comfortable showing graphic depictions of rape, though that topic will be closely covered in the story.
♦ I WILL include a disclaimer on the website so that people who are not necessarily comfortable with that kind of content are properly informed before reading.

The most important thing to know about Smiler is that it's a personal project designed not to sell, but as a means of exploring topics and issues that I feel strongly about: love, grief, sexuality, acceptance, personal growth, etc. and if people decide to support it along the way, then big yay for me. :aww:
*Writes sodomy joke*

... I am a comedy genius.
Don't forget to check out the Smiler Dev Blog for things like rough concept sketches and lorebits that don't make it on to DA. Since I can't work on the comic until the script is redone (which I'm well underway on), I've started posting brainthings there for people to keep track of. You can also use it to ask me questions about... anything, I guess.
This is an example of what has completely confiscated my free time and will to live.

Especially on Smiler, as I'm now studying Animation, which has turned out to be a heavier workload than I've ever had to deal with before. On top of that, money has become very, very tight, so I'll be looking for work in between semesters, which means I may not even be able to update then, either. I'm afraid I have to declare an indefinite hiatus, but don't worry, Smiler is still on my list of priorities... it just isn't very high.
On the upside, I'm learning so many new, useful things about perspective, scene composition and anatomy that when I do start work on Smiler again, it will look so much better. I'm also planning on tightening up the story a bit more so that the surrounding lore plays more of a role, as opposed to just being set dressing. It may mean another reboot, but I have to redo the first 20 or so pages of chapter 1 anyway.

So in conclusion,

Any questions you have about Smiler, just post them in the comments and I'll address them either by way of reply or, if I get some recurring questions, by way of comic.
"Addressed," not necessarily answered. I won't give away plot spoilers.
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I... I was so excited to be working on the comic again that I did almost a full page in two days...

... I need to lie down.
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Hmm, my last journal entry was four months ago.
Well, semester 1 is wrapping up, ESO is disappointing, and we have good internet now.


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Remember a little while ago I mentioned that the hubby and I were moving house? Yeah, well, turns out that the place has no landline because of shitty wiring. Which means -- all together, now -- I have no internet whatsoever!
We're trickle-feeding from a 1GB USB in the meantime. So, I'm working on the comic, as well as other projects and... uuhhhh... it's really late and my brain isn't really running on full horsepower. Anywho. Enjoy some pictures.

Say, champ; what has two thumbs and is pissing itself with excitement for The Elder Scrolls Online?
This guy.
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For the past three years I've been in a really bad slump because, ever since I left home after highschool, I've had no real direction. For the past year and a half I've been stuck in a uni course that I hate, slogging through because it's the only way to make money for someone with no qualifications. Having learned what the critical symptoms of clinical depression are, I look back and realise I've had 6 out of 9 for as long as I've been in the real world. I considered seeing a doctor to confirm it, but before I managed to make an appointment, a bunch of little things accumulated into me and mum winding up at the student center of my university and finding out that my regional splatter of a town is now for the first time offering a course that really excites me.
I just requested a transfer into a Bachelor of Games Design.
Hoshit yes. I feel better than I have in yonks; I'm finally excited to study; this will be so helpful in the future, not just as an overall qualification, but the components involved are fun, useful skills - any one of which could land me an awesome job on its own, let alone all together in a bachelor degree.
And since I have advanced standing, I don't have to enrol in any electives, as the courses I've already completed cover them - I still left two open, though, so that I can study Japanese 1 and 2 ;D

Now if you'll excuse me - my good mood and I are off to do some industry research.
By which I mean "play Skyrim."
Ambulance. Ambulance Ambulance AMBULANCE

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*sigh* Just spent three hours working on a huge assignment due at the end of the month. Now I'm going to play some Skyrim.
I'm gonna play the shit out of some Skyrim.

I'm also going to do a bit more "Filthy Pickpocket!" art, as well as some long, long overdue work on Hookless.
When my new Wacom Cintiq arrives.

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The hiatus is over. A new vote incentive is available for your viewing pleasure in the meantime.